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Miami Web Developers

While many companies spread out their social media campaigns to include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the tried and true website is still the go to source of information. The majority of people looking for your product or service will do a Google search leading to your website before they visit other forms of social media.

Miami web developers, A Logo Co. will serve as a valued partner to achieve your goals of added profitability. Your website is your corporate “library.” It houses all the pertinent information on your company, its products, e-commerce components, history, key employees, community involvement, links, references, and contacts.

While some forms of social media can keep people updated in real time about your company, your website is still the main outreach pillar of your business. Your businesses website speaks volumes about you. A well designed website built by the creative Miami web development team at A Logo Co. will serve, in many cases, as the first gateway people enter when they want to learn about your products or services. The most important component of any corporate or small business website is that it can greatly increase your bottom line!

A Logo Co. can refresh or rebuild your current website or go to the drawing board and totally design a new, clean and creative home that you will be proud to let everyone visit.

Will meet with your web team to work as partners to capture and execute your design ideas and goals.

Develop a new or redesigned logo, create websites according to your needs or budget. Our designs run the spectrum from a simple and basic format to all the bells and whistles that include breathtaking page templates, easy of navigation and a host of the latest tool to make you website interactive with vibrant pictures, the latest video and sound players and password protected area’s for your employees or customers.

Our websites are designed to be equally impressive on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or you desktop computer. We fully explain the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase your traffic and visibility and add those elements into your website. We offer you the tools needed to give you daily rankings and analytic statistics. We have a full service copywriting staff to create web and blog content. We install the software necessary to keep you site safe and secure. We can assist you with online social media marketing, advertising, and promotion.